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Crowdmaps is the only plugin that allows your visitors to build crowd-sourced maps that build trust and traffic. Try the demo below— it was created by customers like you! ONE TIME FEE.


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  • Visitor-Submitted Locations

    Visitor-Submitted Locations

    Yep, any visitor can submit a location by using this add-on when combined with MapifyPro. It’s as simple as double clicking, adding details such as photos/video, location info, and clicking submit. Perfect for member-based sites, or the general public.


    Works in conjunction with MapifyPro.

    Enable CrowdMaps for any map in your collection.

     Works with Standard Maps or Custom Image mode.

  • Crowd-Sourced Maps for WordPress!

    Crowd-Sourced Maps for WordPress!

    Enbrace the power of the crowd and watch your fan and/or customer base grow! Whether you’re audience is into geocaching, sharing film/photo scouting locations, or capturing bird sightings on location, your followers will grow as they continue to submit new locations!


    ⦾ Visitors can submit locations with video, photos, and info.

    ⦾ Works perfectly with mobile devices.

    ⦾ Get notified every time someone submits a location.

  • Approve Submissions

    Approve Submissions


    After a location is submitted, each location is sent to the admin for approval. OR you can set the map to display submissions instantly.

  • Crowd-Sourced Maps

    Crowd-Sourced Maps


    Your maps will burst with user-generated content, ensuring that future visitors will see something new every time they visit your site. Watch the traffic grow!

  • Photos & Videos

    Photos & Videos


    Your visitors can submit their own photos, videos, and other details for a unique spin on your interactive map experience.

  • Full Mobile Support

    Full Mobile Support


    It works amazingly well on mobile devices, allowing users to snap photos and add them directly to any map on-location and in real time.

  • Fully Responsive

    Fully Responsive


    Every aspect of CrowdMaps displays as expected on any screen, from mobile, to tablet, to jumbotron. It’s app-like behavior feels perfectly suited to any device.

  • Highly Requested!

    Highly Requested!


    You voted for it, and we listened! During a customer poll that returned over a 2000% higher request for this feature vs. others, CrowdMaps took the cake.

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3 Reviews for CrowdMaps: Visitors Add Locations

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    What’s cool is this plugin let’s your visitors add locations to any map, then you can approve them accordingly. It’s all automated and has driven traffic to our gaming based maps. It works on image mode to with MapifyPro so we create maps from video games, and visitors mark gameplay on the maps, or special locations, loot, quests, etc. Since installing my user base has grwon at least 5 times due to the interactivity.

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    Awesome that this let’s the community take part in our maps. We run missions and our students are tagging where they are studying abroad with stories and photos right on the map’s location. Our church members then check out the map to catch up on all the stories. It’s great, basically a joint, interactive journal that connects our community in a very unique way.

  3. blank

    Robert Elemio

    Wow, it’s about time something like this came about. Works as expected. Anyone can add locations and they’re easy to manage and publish. I’m a film maker and I use a map so others can scout and submit good shooting locations.

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