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MapifyPro is hands down the most powerful, feature-rich mapping software for your WordPress website. Includes a Money Back Guarantee if not 100% happy!

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  • Complete Control Over Google Maps

    Hands down the most features available for enhancing Google Maps. Change the style of the maps, add per-location info, galleries and so much more.

  • Use any Image for Your Maps (.png and .jpg)

    Perfect for gamers who want to use in-game maps for capturing screenshots and videos. Use any map for conventions, hiking trails, and beyond.

  • Social Media Sharing and SEO Boosts

    Every location and its details can be shared via social media. Also, watch the SEO soar since every location is crawled by Google and other search engines!

  • Store Locators, Travel Blogs, and More

    MapifyPro supports zip/city search, filters, categories, and batch upload for Store Locators, and even allows you to add full blog posts to your maps!


Compare Plans

Mapify comes in two versions: Basic and Pro. Simply pick a plan below that fits your needs.

  • MapifyLite FREE!

    • Use Google Maps or a custom image

    • 1 map and 1 custom marker

    • Video and photo gallery on each location

    • Add extensive details to any location

    • SEO-Boosting locations

    • Basic Support Included

    Get MapifyLite
  • MapifyPro $49

    • Everything from Basic, plus...

    • Unlimited maps and marker graphics

    • SEO Boosting and Social Media Sharing

    • Search by city and zipcodes

    • Add blog posts directly to any map

    • Locations directories & advanced filtering

    • Use any Image For Your Map!

    • Add Photos and Video to Any Location

    • Premium support plan included

    • And So Much More. See the full list!

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About Our Team

MapifyPro is a product of PaperTelevision, a design and development studio in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since 2007, Papertelevision has been helping clients like Whirlpool and Notre Dame build some epic successes. You can say hello and see their work here.

The MapifyPro team consists of a diverse, international team of designers, developers, and travelers who are determined to produce the best product available. Say hello to us below.

  • Our map is a guide to fitness trails around London. These outdoor sites feature traditional calisthenics equipment, perfect for bodyweight exercise. Go pull-ups! With our map—powered by MapifyPro— we promote awareness of fitness trails and introduce Londoners to new, free fitness destinations.

    Fionna , Muddy Plimsolls

  • This plugin, along with PrettyRoutesPro, is a perfect match for my needs. I wanted a better mapping plugin that allows more aesthetic in terms of appearance map. The plug-in is becoming an integral part of several projects related to tourism and travel, and response time support has been outstanding!

    Joe Watts , Alabama Byways

  • MapifyPro is by far the sexiest mapping software on the market, and there is no better way for us to share our travels and attract viewers to spend more time on our site with increased rates click. This plugin has definitely amplified over the look, feel and overall usability of our site!

    Jason Wynn , GoneWithTheWynns

  • This is an excellent tool that allows full customization of colors, filters, icons ...the list goes on. It is easy to install, fully responsive and interacts with Google Maps very well. Tech support has also been great!

    Carolyn , Mango Design

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