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Introducing CrowdMaps!

by Josh Sears on November 10th, 2015 under Map Entries, Updates

We’re extremely excited today. Why? Because we have something new for you, and it’s something that the MapifyPro community voted for. Perhaps the most highly requested feature in the two years MapifyPro has been around culminates into this new product, and we’re pretty sure it’s the only plugin of its kind.

Introducing CrowdMaps! This is an incredibly powerful plugin that allows ANYONE to submit locations to your maps. Any map in your collection can enable this powerful feature, turning your typical MapifyPro map into a user-generated powerhouse of traffic. It also works with images if you want to go that route.

How’s it work? Simple: Anyone can visit your map from any device to add a location. After dragging the marker to the perfect spot, they can then add photos, a video, and details on the location. After that, they click “submit” and the location is sent to you for approval. It’s as simple as that.

Try it for yourself! We don’t need to talk about it really, just submit your location below to see how it works. Like it? Grab a copy here.

Filed under: Map Entries, Updates

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