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by Josh Sears on November 15th, 2019 under Press

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Looking for the Best Maps for WordPress and Shopify? MapifyPro is the Perfect Fit.

MapifyPro has grown into one of the most popular store locator tools available. One critical factor that sets MapifyPro apart from similar products, and one that particularly caught our attention, is that it uses its own unique mapping API. This means it has forgone the limitations and fees brought on by Google and their new policies of charging anyone who uses Google Maps. MapifyPro has opted to rebuild their mapping tech from scratch, not only offering customers the powerful features of its competitors, but also anonymity and freedom to implement their maps without restrictions.

Beyond that good-to-know fact, MapifyPro offers more than just pristine, cutting edge tech. Let’s explore the full feature set of this powerful mapping software.

MapifyPro’s home page showcases its plethora of features directly on their demo map.

Perhaps MapifyPro’s most common use is in implementing a beautiful store locator. It easily has every feature you could hope for to ensure customers find nearby locations with features like:

  • Fully customizable map styles with different designs included.
  • There are no limitations on how many locations a user can add to their maps.
  • Bulk upload all locations via a spreadsheet.
  • Use a unique icon graphic on each location.
  • Filter results by any category.
  • Share locations on social media and direct traffic to the exact location on the map.
  • Advanced geo-location services like the ability to use “My Location” to find nearby stores.
  • Advanced search by any distance, and a feature that auto-suggests the closest location.
  • “Use your location” feature.
  • Map clusters to group nearby locations.
  • In edition to the core WordPress version, MapifyPro is also available for Shopify
  • And our favorite: MapifyPro can help customers find their beer and coffee! Just check out this map:

However that’s just the start of MapifyPro’s vast feature list. Beyond its capability as a store locator, it also provides an enormous amount of additional features, making it perfect for any map-based project. Check out some more highlights:

  • Custom image mode allows the use of any image for a map, perfect for off-road trails, park maps, and conventions.
  • Nearly everything about the maps can be customized to match your brand.
  • Add thumbnail images to the fully customizable tooltips.
  • An interactive location list can be added beneath the map to provide “quick glance” details
  • Photography and film can be added to every location. Perfect for capturing adventures and drone footage.
  • Detailed information and directions to each location can also be included.
  • Users can share each location on social media to drive traffic to their maps.
  • Map clusters organize nearby locations to organize crowded maps.
  • Add ons make it even more powerful! PrettyRoutes allows you to add custom routes on road and off, and you can even allow your site visitors to add their own locations via Crowdmaps.
  • Oh, if we do say so ourselves, it’s freaking beautiful.
  • You can use any image, and MapifyPro will render it to be used just like a standard map!

Those are just a few of our favorite features, but you can see a full list here. Needless to say, it is a very feature-packed bit of tech, and quite popular with over 10,000 customers and counting. In fact, you may have come across MapifyPro without knowing it, as it has been utilized by some popular travel influencers and even by celebrities like Tony Hawk.

The Tony Hawk Foundation

Recently, Pro skateboarding legend Tony Hawk implemented MapifyPro to showcase skateparks around the United States that were funded by his foundation, a charitable organization that provides a safe haven for inner-city youth. Their map is packed with over 600 locations, each showcasing a fully funded skate park. Tony and crew believe that kids need a place to grow in a safe and positive environment with like-minded friends. Engaging the community is key, and their implementation of MapifyPro makes it simple to find a nearby skatepark, not to mention some new friends.

Gone with the Wynns

Another great example of MapifyPro being used ‘in the wild’ is on a very popular travel site, Gone With The Wynns. The Jason and Nikki Wynn are an adventurous couple who have utilized MapifyPro to create a virtual tour of their adventures. On land and on sea, the Wynn’s map recreates their travels in an engaging way that has proven very popular to their huge fanbase.

Where early adventures included showcasing a life lived solely in an RV, the Wynn’s have now set sail and live on a sailboat! Their map showcases how-to lifestyle videos, picturesque landmarks, fishing spots, tips and tricks, and other grand adventures as they explore the planet.

Powerful, feature packed, and well-coded.

As you may have guessed, the uses for MapifyPro seem rather endless, and we can’t really think of a feature that it hasn’t included. It works great on every device we’ve tried it on, and feels intuitive and quick whether on tablet or phone, which is critical for a product based around maps. Reviews are also pretty stellar across the board, and tech support seems to run a tight ship. All in all, MapifyPro’s claim of being the best mapping software around may just hold true.

If you’re looking for the perfect store locator, a way to document your adventures, or if you simply want to showcase an event directly on the place where it was captured (GoPro videos, drone footage, vacation highlights), then MapifyPro just might be the perfect fit. And hey, we offer a 5 day money-back guarantee, and even a free version, so you it never hurts to give it a go.

Grab your own copy of MapifyPro here, and start building your perfect library of incredibly powerful maps for WordPress, and don’t forget the perfect store locator for Shopify!

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MapifyPro 3.0 for WordPress Launches in October!

by Josh Sears on August 14th, 2017 under Updates, Press

Edit: We’re running a bit late as we add some final polish to the MapifyPro suite. BUT, we are almost ready and will launch this month (October)!

A-List of The Most Exciting Stuff You’re Gonna Find

Way back we released a huge update in the form of Mapifypro 2.0. It introduced a slew of new features, all hand-picked and tested by community members like you. We were pretty proud of it, and in the year since we’ve continued to add a lot of additional features and tweaks.

But seriously, it’s nothing like what we’ve been doing for the imminent Mapifypro 3.0. Not to pat ourselves on the back too much, but this is a pretty Big Deal. So, let’s unpack this a bit and look into what you can expect with this huge update to our flagship software:

The Vision

Over the past 6 months, we have been rebuilding MapifyPro from scratch. This is literally a from-the-ground overhaul with all new code, and. most importantly, a proprietary mapping engine (more on that later). Covering this beautifully rewritten code is the icing on the cake: A fully updated design that brings us fully into the realm of cutting-edge design. Being the creator of MapifyPro, I am very set on delivering a product that I’m proud of, and being a designer by trade, that meant a fresh coat of paint alongside the equally fresh interactivity.

Above: Josh (me) and the team working on MapifyPro 3.0

New Features

Now that MapifyPro is 3 years old (!) I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on how to make it truly the best map plugin available for WordPress. This means listening to my customers and implementing the most requested features. With Mapifypro 3.0, our development team has done exactly that: from minor streamlining, to fully-fledged—dare we say game changing—features. Here is a list of the most exciting stuff you’re gonna find:

1. An all new engine

This is big. The bulk of our time and efforts have been spent forgoing the powers at Google Maps and building upon an all new mapping engine. MapifyPro is now completely free of the powers of Google. While this may worry some that are stuck on using Google Maps, rest assured that our maps are EQUALLY as powerful and in some cases go beyond the features capable with Google Maps. Most won’t be able to tell the difference. In truth, Google has gotten a bit out of control. It started last year when they required an API key for every instance of their Google Maps API. This goes for every single Google Maps plugin, and is essentially a tracking software used solely to convert users to their paid programs. This goes against our core philosophy and pursuit of total control over your maps. Well, we’ve finally arrived: No more Google logos, no more terms of use forced upon you, no more location limitations (there are a lot), no more location limits for PrettyRoutes, no more tracking, and NO MORE BROWSER KEYS!

2. An all new design

Yep, this deserves to be repeated. The new Mapifypro just looks awesome. We’ve fully overhauled the mapping interface, popups, and every other aspect of the front end design.

3. Fully Revised Admin

As features have been added, the admin of previous versions had admittedly become cumbersome. With MapifyPro 3.0, we’ve fully revamped the admin to make organizing your maps as simple and intuitive as possible. It’s cleaner, re-organized, and has all of the features, old and new, laid out to promote ease of use.

4. Use My Location

You can now highlight your location on the front-end map. Useful for too many things to list here, and easily our most-requested feature. Simply tap the “Use my location” icon, and your visitors can see their exact location directly on the map.

5. Power over text: You can now change any label in the map to whatever you need without messing with code. All buttons, dropdown labels, and other text featured throughout your maps can be whatever you need with a simple tweak.

6. New Tooltips

This is a fun one: You can now add a default thumbnail to your tooltips, and align the image to be on top or to the left of the tooltip text. It adds a great visual element to every location.

7. New Pop-ups

As mentioned, we’ve redesigned everything. This includes a much more sleek design of the pop-ups, and a design that lends itself much better to mobile and tablet devices through optimized touch controls. And dang it they just look good.

8. Fully updated add-ons: With this big of an update, it also meant updating our add-ons. We’ll create separate articles for each, but let’s just say that they’re all equally impressive, with their own new features, designs, and updates.

Are you ready to upgrade?

If you’re an existing customer, you may be wondering if you’re safe to upgrade to the new version. This amounts to a pretty definitive “YEP!”. Though we use different tech in 3.0, we have taken crucial steps to ensure that it is a seamless transition. The only items that you’ll need to pay mind to are the new features. They are set to “off” by default, so if you want to enjoy them in your current maps, you’ll only need to adjust those specific items.

We thought this section would be longer, but honestly that’s it. It’ll be an easy transition. Woo hoo!

So…When will it launch?

Mapifypro 3.0 is in the final testing phase and is set to launch in early September!

My team and I want to pass our thanks along to the customers who helped us in creating this amazing and enormous update. It’s through your constant feedback that MapifyPro now has nearly 10,000 active users!  We couldn’t do it without you.

So, keep an eye on this space and get ready for the big change. It’s going to be incredible.

Safe Travels,

Josh Sears, Owner and Creator of MapifyPro


What is the function of the Power Over Text feature?

You can now change any label in the map to whatever you need without messing with code. All buttons, dropdown labels, and other text featured throughout your maps can be whatever you need with a simple tweak.

What are the admin changes on MapifyPro 3?

With MapifyPro 3.0, we’ve fully revamped the admin to make organizing your maps as simple and intuitive as possible. It’s cleaner, re-organized, and has all of the features, old and new, laid out to promote ease of use.

When will it launch?

Mapifypro 3.0 is in the final testing phase and is set to launch in early September!

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