PrettyRoutes: Routes for WordPress

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PrettyRoutes can be used as a standalone plugin, OR as an add-on to MapifyPro, allowing all of MapifyPro’s amazing features in conjunction with your routes. ONE TIME FEE.


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  • Fully Customized Routes


    Fully Customized Routes

    With PrettyRoutesPro, you can add unlimited routes to your maps. You can create as many maps, each with their own collection of routes, as needed. Specify the color, turns, and even apply unique graphics to each waypoint. Whether plotting routes on road or off, PrettyRoutesPro provides every tool needed. *Some features require MapifyPro.

  • Fully Guided Tours


    Fully Guided Tours

    When combined with MapifyPro, you can create a fully interactive tour of any location. Showcase off-road hiking trails, best to an from directions from one location to another, and even showcase your travels in a truly unique way by plotting the paths you’ve taken along the way, and adding photo galleries to actual locations.

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5 Reviews for PrettyRoutes: Routes for WordPress

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    The latest version works alone or combined with MapifyPro. PrettyRoutes looks awesome and it now has no limits on the waypoints allowed, unlike the previous versions. Can be used to outline shapes, regions, states etc. as a cool bonus. Nice work on this update.

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    Pretty Routes allows us to share our travels with our followers in a wonderfully rich way. The interface is intuitive and allows us to easily customize the route, detailing interesting points of interest along the way. Best of all, we can customize the iconography to match our existing site and integrate it seamlessly with MapifyPro. Just awesome!

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    Tim Husband (verified owner)

    I’d been looking for a route map plugin for some time to track our adventures across the globe. I’d tried out several plugins but none of them were quite right for simply showing a highlighted route and then embedding the google map route within a blog. That is until I discovered Pretty Routes Pro.

    The plugin is great, simple to use and offers the option for both showing a route off-road (via air etc) or by road. It includes the ability to include way points and custom icons. Looking forward to logging all our travels with this great google maps route plugin. Great support too!

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    Matt M. (verified owner)

    Pretty Routes Pro saved us an immeasurable amount of time when creating a route map system for a local community transit organization. We were able to add detailed routes to our maps, outlining and labeling every stop along the way with ease.

    The interface is simple, yet powerful, and empowers developers to quickly create great looking, easy to use maps. For non-developers, the plugin is so easy to use that we’re confident we can pass it along to our client, knowing they’ll have no problem keeping their maps updated and creating new ones.

    For the few questions I did have about the plugin, the support was timely, friendly, and incredibly helpful – reviewing our site personally and providing tips on how to better take advantage of the plugin’s features.

    —Matt Macintyre Antigonish Community Transit

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    Joe Watts (verified owner)

    This plugin does exactly what I needed it to do–allow me to create maps using waypoints I pick. In other words, it doesn’t always have to be the shortest route. It is a very intuitive interface and made a project that I could just never quite get off the ground easy to complete! Great job and helpful customer support. The project I’ve used this for so far is a travel-related website, Still a work in progress, but this helped add useful maps with easy to follow routes.

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