MapifyRoutes: WordPress Interactive Map Plugin

Enjoy seamless integration with MapifyRoutes now included in MapifyPro! You can access all of MapifyPro’s fantastic features with Unlimited routes to your maps. Get MapifyPro plugin today to unlock MapifyRoutes for FREE!

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  • Fully Customized Routes

    Fully Customized Routes

    Experience endless possibilities with MapifyRoutesPro! Seamlessly add unlimited routes to your WordPress maps. Craft multiple maps with distinct route collections, each customizable with unique colors, turns, and graphics for every waypoint. Whether it’s road or off-road journeys, MapifyRoutes equips you with all the essential tools. It’s totally Free when you subscribe to MapifyPro!

  • Fully Guided Tours

    Fully Guided Tours

    Get MapifyPro to unlock MapifyRoute’s unique features to create a fully interactive tour of any location. Highlight off-road trails, provide seamless directions, and uniquely document your travels with plotted paths and photo galleries at actual locations. Explore your travels like never before!

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