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Adrift Theme Tutorials and Demo .xml File

by Josh Sears on September 06th, 2016 under Tutorials

The Complete Series of Adrift Video Tutorials

Here you’ll find our complete series of Adrift video tutorials, and everything needed to get your site up and running in no time. First up, you’ll want to grab your demo data, which you can download from the following link:

Get the Adrift Demo Data Here.

The Tutorials

Next up, the tutorials!

1. Importing the .xml Demo and Basic Setup:

2. Setting up Your Home Page. Page Structure. Design Module Basics:

3. Your New Adrift Blog:


What is the step by step Adrift tutorial like?

1. Importing the .xml Demo and Basic Setup

2. Setting up Your Home Page & Page Structure.

3. New Adrift Blog

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