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MapifyPro 3.0 is here!

by Josh Sears on October 16th, 2017 under Updates

MapifyPro 3.0.0 is now live!

As we covered in this article, MapifyPro 3.0 brings with it an enormous amount of updates. Here’s a list of the highlights:

-An entirely rebuilt back end means beautifully re-written code and infrastructure. Put simply: MapifyPro is more powerful, faster, and easily the best maps for WordPress.

-Did we mention that the maps are faster than ever? MapifyPro 3.0 yields a nearly 30% increase in map rendering speeds.

-New features include the ability to highlight your location on the map, new tooltips, and a fully revamped admin that is more intuitive, and built for convenience.

-Google Browser keys are no longer needed! We’ll provide you with the API key for quick and easy activation.

-You’ll now receive notifications whenever we release a new version.

-We’ve completely redesigned every aspect of the plugin, making ours the most cutting edge product in the looks department too.

-Full optimization for mobile and tablet devices.

Be sure to grab your copy of MapifyPro 3.0 here.


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