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Route Planner Map Made Easy with PrettyRoutes

by Josh Sears on May 26th, 2023 under Features

Customize Route Planner Map using PrettyRoutes Plugin

PrettyRoutes is a robust WordPress plugin that lets you create a visually appealing  Route Planner Map with customized colors and icons.

Not only can you add colorful routes that chart ‘to’ and ‘from’ locations as needed, but PrettyRoutes also lets you add customized pinpoint graphics to each location (using any graphic you choose), customized tooltip content, and even specific colors for each route on display.

The PrettyRoutes plugin is fully integrated with Mapifypro, providing users with a seamless experience.

With this plugin, businesses and individuals can create personalized Route Planner Maps that better reflect their brand or interests.




Works Worldwide



Specify Default Zoom, Generate Distance, and More



Pretty Routes Plugin Feature List

  • Customized Route Planner Map! You control the color of each route and add as many as needed to each of your maps.
  • Supports waypoints for even more control over your routes! Map specific turns, chart a tour, or give directions that bypass traffic.
  • Drag and drop locations, or enter specific addresses to generate your beginning and endpoints.
  • Unlimited unique maps throughout your site. You can add as many maps as needed to your website, each containing its own unique routes.
  • Custom pinpoints for each location. Use any graphic you wish for every location, for both “from” and “to” locations.
  • Unique tooltip content on each location/turn. You enter whatever you want for each location’s tooltip, or toggle tooltips off altogether.
  • Post unique maps of any size anywhere on your site using a simple shortcode. Each map is assigned an ID, which lets you display them as needed.
  • Seamless WordPress integration with an intuitive admin that makes adding maps and OSM map routes as simple as possible.
  • Generates distance and travel duration automatically for every route.
  • You control the zoom level for each map. Default settings automatically zoom into OSM Maps to best present every route on the map, but the custom zoom level allows you to zoom in on a specific area of your choosing, at any distance.

Watch the Basic Setup and Admin Overview

Looking for more Route Planner Map features?

PrettyRoutes is integrated with MapifyPro* and also many additional extras, such as:

  • Add tooltips to waypoints to fully document your route
  • Control the behavior of the tooltips
  • Additional styling options
  • Hide all markers as needed in order to build polylines only
  • Go off-road! It documents travel both on the road and off. Perfect for hiking trails, ocean tours, and more.
  • Fully integrated with MapifyPro, meaning you can use them seamlessly to build guided tours, filter locations, categorize tours, add galleries to your locations, share on social media, and more!


What is PrettyRoutes?

Can I change the color of each route?

Yes, You control the colour of each route and add as many as needed to each of your maps.

Can I drag and drop locations?

Yes, you can drag and drop locations, or enter specific addresses to generate your beginning and endpoints.


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