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The Best Alternative to Google Maps

by Josh Sears on March 18th, 2019 under Updates

In our previous post we discussed how Google is charging everyone for use of Google Maps. They still are of course, and we’ve seen the results from their customers as they scramble to find an alternative for their store locators and other mapping plugins for WordPress, Shopify, etc.

Little did we know back in 2016 when we revamped MapifyPro that it would be a blessing in disguise. Being forced to rebuild or software from scratch with a strict timeline from Google…Well, let’s just say it was bit stressful. Not only are we an extremely small team, but we had poured 10’s of thousands of dollars in building the original MapifyPro. Google came knocking however, and threatened legal action if we didn’t sign up for their paid plan, which would amount to a minimum of $10k a month! Hard pass on that.

What we didn’t know is how great an alternative we would eventually build. MapifyPro, now built upon an open source API, is easily the most powerful alternative to Google Maps, and we’re not afraid to brag about it. Since 2016, we’ve added new features that we couldn’t have implemented using Google Maps, and we continue to uncover new tricks and features that will be rolled out in future releases. We’re also extremely proud to mention that we’ve surpassed the 10,000 customers mark, and customers continue to use and love the new MapifyPro just as much as ever, as you might glean from our ever-growing reviews section 🙂

Stay tuned as new updates are coming for MapifyPro, including a couple of the most-requested features yet.

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