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The Best Maps for Shopify? We Have you Covered.

by Josh Sears on March 21st, 2019 under Updates

The Best Maps for Shopify. Period.

Last year we released a fully-featured version of MapifyPro for Shopify, and it has continued to grow in its customer base. Check out our video below for some fun info on the new Shopify mapping app, or see the working demos here.

It’s currently carrying a perfect review score, which we’re extremely proud of. And if you’re wondering, yep, it has every single feature you’ve grown accustomed to in the WordPress version, seamlessly integrated into your Shopify Store. Here’s a rundown of some of the core features you’ll get, and remember that ALL FEATURES are included at a single price. No limitations here:

The Best Store Locator for Shopify

MapifyPro provides every cutting edge feature you’d expect to build the perfect store locator.¬†However, it goes beyond this and can solve the issues faced for any map-based project. The features included make for a stellar experience for both you and your customers, and will drive traffic to your site AND physical locations.

A 100% Responsive Design Looks Great on Any Device

Pinch, zoom, and swipe through locations and galleries in app-like fashion through our mobile-supported maps and location galleries. Every element of MapifyPro is also 100% responsive-site ready.

Extremely Advanced Filter and Search Capabilities

When you add a store locator to Shopify, you want your locations to be found. Our advanced search and filtering features will make it as simple as possible for your customers to find your locations. Provide directions, create custom filters based on any topic, search by radius, and more!

Bulk Upload all Locations to Your Shopify Maps

Our enhanced bulk uploader allows you to maintain a separate .csv of your locations for any map, and when you update the .csv and re-upload, only the locations changed will be affected by the updated file.

Unlimited Maps and Unlimited Locations

We don’t limit you in any way. Unlike other mapping apps for Shopify, we offer one pricing plan with absolutely zero limitations. Focus on your business instead of worrying about traffic, limited locations, or other limitations.

MapifyPro for Shopify includes a 7 day free trial

Try MapifyPro for Shopify Risk free for 7 days. Don’t like it or it’s simply not the right fit? Simply uninstall and you won’t be charged.

And that’s just a small snippet of what’s included. Check out the full overview here.

The Perfect Store Locator for Shopify, and so Much More

Sure, you can build the most powerful store locator available for Shopify, but MapifyPro is perfect for ANY mapping project. Showcase your travels, highlight points of interest for your fitness club, point out the perfect hiking paths… The possibilities are truly limitless.

Give MapifyPro for Shopify a try over here at no risk. We think you’re gonna like it.

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