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Happiness Guaranteed! MapifyPro is an elite WordPress plugin for Google Maps that adds maps to websites with ease! Watch the demo below & check out the amazing map features you can get from MapifyPro 

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Billed yearly. For use on UNLIMITED websites. Support plan & free updates included.
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  • The Best Maps for WordPress

    The Best Maps for WordPress

    Complete control over your Maps! This store locator plugin for WordPress comes with features that are simply unmatched, and truly unlimited. Place as many maps as needed throughout your site, each with their own specific settings, and build a library of accessible, search friendly locations. Simply put: MapifyPro is the most powerful mapping plugin for WordPress, period. Your purchase also includes our premium tech support plan!

  • Create Maps Using ANY Image!

    Create Maps Using ANY Image!

    Though MapifyPro allows you to have full control over standard Maps, sometimes you need a very specific image to be used for a map. Whether it’s a park, a convention, or even a video game map (We use the same tech as the maps on IGN), MapifyPro lets you use ANY image for your map while maintaining the feel of Google Maps for WordPress.

    Nearly all of MapifyPro’s features carry over to the image maps too, even zip/city search! In other words, you get complete control over any map. Start making the most of our cutting-edge multi-store locator plugin!

  • Unlimited Maps

    Unlimited Maps

    Create as many maps as needed, each with their own style, locations, and behaviors. All maps are stored in a familiar library, and assigned a unique shortcode for easy placement.

  • Batch Upload

    Batch Upload

    Have a lot of locations? The Batch Upload feature allows you to add as many locations as needed via a .csv file. Upload once, and all locations are added to the map of your choice.

  • Fully Responsive Maps

    Fully Responsive Maps

    Every element of MapifyPro is fully responsive, ensuring that your users view the maps properly from any device. *Note: your theme must be responsive too.

  • Location Directory / List

    Location Directory / List

    Include all of your locations beneath the map in an interactive list. Clicking will expand to show more info, and highlight the location on the map. It’s the perfect compliment to any map.

  • Filters & Categories

    Filters & Categories

    Categorize map locations to ensure the best experience for your visitors. The dropdown filter lets you group locations under any category, making it simple to find specific types of locations.

  • Use Any Map Marker

    Use Any Map Marker

    Add as many unique map markers as needed. Assign a default marker image, or mix and match different markers for all locations. We include over 200 free icons to get you started!

  • Photo / Video Galleries

    Photo / Video Galleries

    Add a video and photo gallery to any location as needed. Highlight food photos for restaurants, fun times at the local pub, or vacation memories on the spot where they actually occurred.

  • Share on Social Media

    Share on Social Media

    Share specific locations on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more and drive traffic directly to your map with the location highlighted. Create viral marketing maps and boost your traffic!

  • Boost SEO

    Boost SEO

    Harness the renowned SEO power of WordPress: Each location’s details are crawled by search engines, keywords are utilized, and each location integrates with popular SEO plugins like Yoast.

  • Map Clusters

    Map Clusters

    If you have a lot of locations, you can enable the cluster feature to group nearby locations into a single icon. When clicked, they expand to show the locations contained within.

  • Add Blog Posts to Maps

    Add Blog Posts to Maps

    A must for Travel Bloggers! MapifyPro integrates directly into blog posts. Add entire articles to any map directly on the location of interest. Perfect for restaurant reviews, hiking tours, & more.

  • Subtle Animations

    Subtle Animations

    Toggle the option for animated tooltips and/or pinpoint markers. This adds an extra layer of sleekness to your maps to ensure that you feature the most modern presentation available.

  • Suggests Nearest

    Suggests Nearest

    MapifyPro’s powerful search engine will find locations within a specific radius via city or zipcode. However if no locations are found, it will suggest the closest location to the user.

  • Interactive Map Legend

    Interactive Map Legend

    MapifyPro offers multiple ways to filter location results. This feature adds an interactive map legend that also serves to filter locations by category on the map itself. Find locations fast!

  • Provide Directions

    Provide Directions

    Provide locations to any direction on your map with a single click. If viewing from a GPS-enabled device, our maps will also provide to and from directions via Google Maps to any location.

  • Map Styles

    Map Styles

    MapifyPro comes with multiple pre-styled maps that allow you to achieve the perfect look in a single click. Every aspect can be customized!

  • Styling Options

    Styling Options

    Customize not only the style of your map, but tooltip colors, gallery backgrounds, button colors, and other details. Match brand colors and more to match perfectly with your site design.

  • Link to Any Location

    Link to Any Location

    MapifyPro offers multiple ways to link directly to any location on the map: Link directly to a location with all others filtered out, or link to the location with the full details expanded automatically!

  • Support Plan Included

    Support Plan Included

    Though constantly updated to ensure utmost compatibility, as with any software, issues may arise. Our support team is here to help our members at any time.

  • A $500k piece of software

    A $500k piece of software

    We’ve invested over $500k into MapifyPro. Solid stability, beautifully written code, and elite quality that can’t be matched.

  • Constant Updates

    Constant Updates

    We are constantly updating MapifyPro with new features and security updates. Your subscription to our service means that you’ll always have thew best, most secure software available.

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  • The Tony Hawk Foundation


    A personal childhood hero to our founder, Tony Hawk showcases perhaps our favorite example of MapifyPro. His foundation provides a safe haven in the form of skate parks for children across the country.

    • Skateparks build and sustain healthy communities, and MapifyPro is proud to be part of this enriching program.
    • The map clusters feature helps THF organize 560+ locations in an organized manner, making it simply to find a nearby skate park.
    Visit Website Full Case Study
  • Gone With The Wynns


    Jason and Nikki Wynn are a couple of perpetual travelers, RV’ers (for now) and modern day documentarians. Gonewiththewynns.com is the home of their discoveries and adventures all depicting the unscripted tale of how they traded in everyday life to satisfy a wear-out-your-shoes sense of adventure.

    • The Wynn's used MapifyPro to showcase all of their adventures.
    • Their comprehensive map includes photos, video, and product reviews.
    • Using the interactive filter list, they've organized tons of locations while keeping it organized and fun to interact with.
    Visit Website
  • Muddy Plimsolls Fitness


    From pull up bars to monkey bars, obstacle courses to pole climbs! MapifyPro and Muddy Plimsolls are helping London get in shape by charting every fitness destination around the city. Click through to see why their map is getting such rave reviews from their users.

    • Muddy Plimsolls charts the best, free workout locations around London!
    • Each location showcases a different workout spot, and it's rating, while providing a way for visitors to share the locations via social media.
    • Their interactive MapifyPro map has garnered tons of great reviews (and new traffic) for their website.
    Visit Website
  • Into the Arctic


    Cory Trepanier is one of those artists that I’m in awe of, and I’m equally enamored not only by mastery of oils, but by the fact that he creates these amazing images on location using MapifyPro.

    • Cory Trepanier showcases his beautiful oil paintings on the exact location they were painted, fully completing his vision of connecting art and nature.
    • PrettyRoutesPro allowed Cory to showcase a road trip, and when combined with MapifyPro, he documented his travels with photos and video journals.
    Full Case Study
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6 Reviews for WordPress Plugin for Google Maps | MapifyPro

  1. Madeline

    Works great! Easy to set up

  2. Randell

    I was surprised that it took me only as long to set up my maps as did to drink my morning coffee!!!

  3. Geneva Edmondson

    MapifyLite was recommended to me at my local WordPress event as a free tool. I purchased the Developer edition which allows me to use it on all my customers’ sites without any limitations.

  4. Titus

    Undeniably awesome plugin! You guys managed to hit the nail on the head and built a solid plugin.

  5. Mike K. (verified owner)

    This team is amazing. This Plugin will work for you come rain, come shine. I was able to work with the team that built this Plugin, as, I was having issues with it. They were able to work with me for several weeks until they were able to solve the issue. I am grateful especially because it is the best plugin I have seen with these functionality! Thank you Mapify team!! You all rock!!

  6. Kimberly Stacy (verified owner)

    This plugin was exactly what I was looking for. Our site has 153 locations shown across 66 different maps. The ability to create a single location and assign it to multiple maps is AWESOME and has saved countless hours of work!

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